Effective Date: [01/04/2021]

1 Introduction

1.1 This privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) is prepared by YONG HUP SENG AUTO PARTS (M) SDN BHD SDN BHD (Company No.: 947821-X (1320120- D)) (“YONG HUP SENG AUTO PARTS (M) SDN BHD”, “us”, “we” or “our”) for you (which include such other persons or organizations or companies represented by you) (“you” or “your”) who use Yong Hup Seng Auto Parts (M) Sdn Bhd

1.2 For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the expression “personal data” shall bear the meaning as defined by the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“ PDPA”), which include the “sensitive personal data” (as also defined by the PDPA) and any personal data that may have been or may from time to time hereafter provided by you and/or obtained independently by us from other lawful sources (if any) in connection with any commercial transaction.

3. This Privacy Policy explains:

3.1 what personal data we collect about you and how do we collect from you

3.2 what are the purposes of collecting your personal data;

3.3 to which third parties and under what circumstances we will disclose your personal data;

3.4 what are your rights in respect of your personal data; and

3.5 what you can do if there are any changes, questions or complaints about your personal data.

1.4 By accessing the Platform, you hereby consent to the collection and processing of your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time without notice and all changes shall be effective immediately upon being posted on the Platform

2. What kind of personal data we collect?

2.1 The personal data we collect about you may include

2.1.1 your identification details including but not limited to your name, age, identity card number, or passport number

2.1.2 your correspondence address and/or permanent address (which may include office address)

2.1.3 your contact information (e.g. email address and mobile number);

3. From what sources we collect your personal data?

3.1 Please be informed that we may obtain your personal data from you and from other sources, including but not limited to:

3.1.1 your relationship with us, which include (a) information provided by you to fill up a user profile or registration forms (if any); (b) when you sign up for an account with us on the Platform; (c) when you access the Platform and use the Services (as defined below); or (d) when you communicate with us through phone calls, email, and/or other correspondence methods;

3.1.2 any interaction between you and us through

(a) the Platform;

(b) other social media platforms such as our Facebook and Instagram; and

(c) our online chat applications and forums (if applicable);

3.1.3 through our media launches which you may have been invited to or through your participation in our campaigns, competitions, activities, and/or promotions where you are required to provide personal data about yourself and other parties (e.g. your family members and colleagues)

3.2 For the avoidance of doubt, “Services” shall mean sale and purchase of products listed on the Platform.

4, What are the purposes of collecting your personal data?

4.1 You hereby acknowledge, confirm and consent that we are authorized to collect and process your personal data, for any of the following purposes:

4.1.1 Verification

(a) to verify the information provided by you;
(b) to analyze your suitability to register with us and process your registration with us; and
(c) to verify your application with YONG HUP SENG AUTO PARTS (M) SDN BHD.

4.1.3 Services and Support

(a) to administer and give effect to the commercial transaction and the management and/or enforcement thereof, including any communication with you and other users;
(b) to conclude and manage the order process;
(c) to respond and follow up on any queries, complaints, or requests you or other users may have;
(d) to conduct surveys and analysis in regard to your and other users data usage;
(e) to be used in, to provide, and/or to improve the Services provided by us, analyze consumption patterns and choices, users’ demographics, market surveys, processing invoices, and payments;
(f) to provide personalized feedback to you in order to maintain, enhance and support the relationship between you and us and other users; and
(g) we use cookies to enhance our processes, advertising, notifications, authentication, security, and compliance, analytic and preference management (details of usage are specified in Clause 12 herein)

 4.1.4 Marketing

(a) to contact and provide you information regarding our offers which include offers of products, services, new launches, upcoming events, promotions, advertising, marketing, and commercial materials, and such other information as may be determined by us to be of interest to you (via emails, text messages, or other communication methods); and
(b) to process your participation in such offers and other marketing events;

4.1.5 Compliance with Laws and Regulations

(a) to comply with our obligations, compliance requirements and disclosure requirements under any law, rule, regulation, by-law, order, guideline, directive, and a policy enforced by the government authorities, including such other international and local laws and requirements in force and as amended from time to time relating to the commercial transaction and/or relating to the conduct of our business or activities (collectively, “Laws”);
(b) to maintain the safety and security of our Services;
(c) for audit, compliance, and risk management purposes;
(d) to assess financial and insurance risks; and
(e) for prevention of crimes, bribery, fraud, and money laundering;

4.1.6 Internal Records and Technical Issues:

(a) for our internal record keeping in the ordinary course of business;
(b) to maintain, update, consolidate and improve the accuracy of our database records;
(c) to produce data, reports, and statistics which have been anonymized or aggregated in a manner that does not identify you as an individual;
(d) to conduct research for analytical purposes but not limited to data mining and analysis of your transaction with us; and
(e) to detect, prevent and address technical issues.

4.2 In connection with the purposes set out in Clause 4.1 above, you hereby give permission to us to disclose your personal data, to the relevant authorities, our successor in interest, sponsors, advertisers, lawyers, insurers, adjusters, other advisers, suppliers, contractors, and/or service providers, our Affiliates (as defined below), and other carefully selected third parties in accordance with Clause 5 of this Privacy Policy.

5. How to contact us?

5.1 If there are any changes to your personal data, and/or if you have any the question in respect of the disclosure / the use of your personal data, and/or you would like to exercise any of your rights as set out in this Privacy Policy, you may contact us at:

Address : Lot 834-B6 & B7, Jalan Kusta, Kawasan Industri Kampung Jaya, 47000 Sungai
Buloh, Selangor.
Telephone Number: 03-6157 0000
Email Address: [email protected]